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TEMOS International Certification

we SealChios MRI Diagnostic Imaging Center is certified under the international quality system TEMOS and fulfills all requirements for international insurance brokers and agencies, as well as companies engaged in insurance handling matters.

With the TEMOS certification, Chios MRI Diagnostic Imaging Center:

  • provides the strongest evidence that the health services are compliant with international quality standards, meeting the high requirements of international patient.
  • becomes a major competitive advantage for the greater area in medical tourism and patients from European and other countries.
  • provides access to business networks thus enabling the enlargement of the health market by attracting more domestic and international patients - health tourists, from abroad.
  • enhances its statue as an optimal solution for medical tourists, insurance companies and collaborating agents & experts in travel medicine in Europe.
  • optimizes the management of incidents involving patients from international destinations while reducing the cost and expenses by streamlining processes.
  • ensures comfort, safety, confidence and credibility in the health facilities to the patients as well as to the international insurance companies.

WE Certificate Greek

TEMOS Certificate English