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Digital Mammography

MAMMOMAT FUSIONChios Magnetic Tomography has the complete system,,el,digital MAMMOMAT FUSION Digital Mammography,,el,The Digital Mammographer uses a digital detector system that provides greater,,el – indirect Digital Mammography MAMMOMAT FUSION , guaranteeing high reliability in the diagnosis of early breast lesions.

The digital mammography system uses digital probes that provide greater clarity (resolution) and contrast (contrast) compared with analog mammography, which record the image on film. Additionally, digital mammography has less "noise" and less false signals (artifacts), factors that allow the detection of smaller lesions and calcifications, which are associated with clinically undetectable, malignancies.

Finally, digital mammography requires less radiation dose, which means less irradiation to the breast .


Patient Preparation for Digital Mammography Exams

Schedule your mammogram between the 7th and 12th day of your menstrual cycle. When you undergo a mamography examination It is important not to wear fragrances , powders, lotion or deodorant in the area of ​​the breasts and armpits. Prefer to wear comfortable clothes when coming for this examination.

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