Patient Preparation for MRI Exam

For most magnetic resonance examinations, no special preparation is required.

The physician or technologist will ask you some questions before starting the test. You will always fill out and sign a short questionnaire. You will be asked if you have metal implants, medical or electronic devices in your body (artificial joints, dentures, metal stents, etc.).

You will be asked to remove all metal objects and accessories (Keys, glasses, hearing aids, mobile phones, credit cards, etc.) in a safe place outside the MRI examination area.

For examinations of the Upper and Lower Abdomen is preferable not to have eaten at least four (4) hours prior to the examination.

  • Patients with a pacemaker, can not undergo MRI.
  • Patients with a heart valve, can undergo MRI, as stated in a certificate of the company that manufactured the valve.

Contrast Material

In cases of intravenous contrast material the physician or technologist will explain the procedure.

In situations where a history of allergic sensitivity and / or asthma exists, it is necessary to state it to the physician of the Diagnostic Centre in order to recommend a desensitization preparation for the intravenous contrast material to be administered to you.

[error]Patients with a pacemaker, can not undergo MRI.[/error]