Patient Preparation for Biopsy under CT

human_logoWhen you come for a biopsy under CT, arrange to be escorted and to travel by car or taxi, with a family member

You will need to have blood tests about a week before the biopsy. Your physician will advice you about the test when a biopsy is recommended.

If you are taking aspirin daily , you must stop five days before the examination. Consult with your doctor.

If you are taking Warfarin (Sintrom) or another anticoagulant medication contact your doctor, at least three days prior to the examination.

Take your all other medicines normally, unless your doctor, advises you otherwise.

You must be fasted 6 hours before the test. This is because you may be given sedatives that can make you sick. You can drink black tea, coffee or water up to 4 hours before the biopsy. The last 4 hours should be completely fasted, or water.

Before the biopsy you will be given the opportunity to ask any questions to the interventional radiologist and queries that you may have.

You will need to sign the sheet consenting to the surgery, before performing the biopsy. Your consensus is necessary for the confirmation that you were informed before the biopsy for all possible outcomes.

After biopsy, the patient is usually moved to the clinic or hospital where he/she is monitored. Your blood pressure, your heart rate and the oxygenation of your blood will be checked at regular intervals.

The location where the biopsy was performed will be covered with gauze. You can eat and drink normally, unless the doctor or nurse give different instructions.

The biopsy results will be given by the physician of the center, when received by the affiliate pathology lab.