Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Chios MRI Diagnostic Imaging Center is equipped with the MAGNETOM C! MRI manufactured by SIEMENS. The system provides excellent image quality and high diagnostic certainty. It covers all clinical requirements for neurology, orthopedics, angiography, pediatric, oncology and cardiology. The MRI is open on three sides, so that the examinee …

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Computed Tomography

Chios MRI Diagnostic Imaging Center is equiped with the multi-slice SOMATOM SPIRIT scanner from SIEMENS, a new generation CT scanner utilitzing the latest technology. The system's ability to take multiple sections simultaneously in a rotation of the radiological tube, and the use of special software that completes tests with minimal dose of this equipment makes the …

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The ACUSON S2000 system of SIEMENS tops of modern ultrasound and ensures inter alia a possibility: • elastography. With this method we achieve a precise mapping of areas with increased hardness in the breast, thyroid and liver , which may be related to cancer, as well as the quantitative calculation of their elasticity. So it is possible …

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Digital Mammography

Chios Magnetic Tomography has the complete system,,el,digital MAMMOMAT FUSION Digital Mammography,,el,The Digital Mammographer uses a digital detector system that provides greater,,el – έμμεσης Ψηφιακής Μαστογραφίας MAMMOMAT FUSION , guaranteeing high reliability in the diagnosis of early breast lesions. The digital mammography system uses digital probes that provide greater clarity (resolution) and contrast (contrast) compared with analog mammography, which record the image on film. Additionally, digital …

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Digital Radiography

With the digital radiographic system, Chios MRI Diagnostic Imaging Center provides to the patients the advantages of digital technology, mainly the fastest possible service and image processing.

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Dental Imaging

Chios MRI Diagnostic Imaging Center provides for all digital imaging examinations in one dimension (panoramic and cephalometric radiographs) and images in three dimensions (Dental CT). The modern system of digital panoramic and cephalometric radiography ORTHOPHOS 3C Company SIRONA, provides the most reliable information in dental imaging in one dimension. The examination is also provided in a digital format (on CD …

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Bone Density

The modern Lunar DPX PRO system from General Electric achieves the examination of bone density with the new method of dual energy absorptiometry beam (DEXA) in just 4 minutes. It also provides reliable and accurate measurement of whole-body fat distribution with the Body Composition protocol – determination of fat. The measurement of bone density by DEXA method …

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Interventional Radiology

The imaging localization of a tumor or a lesion some times requires a histological identification. In Magnetic Resonance Chios perform image-guided needle biopsies. Image-guided biopsy is done by taking samples from a lesion with the guidance from an ultrasound or a CT scanner. Depending on the location of the lesion and of adjacent structures, an invasive act may …

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