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Insurance Bodies

eopyyChios MRI Diagnostic Imaging Center is an official health provider of E.O.P.Y.Y., the Department of Defence and other insurance bodies as well as almost all private insurance companies.

It is clarified that for each insurance body the conditions set by the body are followed, in terms of the types and cost of approved examinations, the number of examinations that each insured person is allowed and the participating patient cost of the examination.


To undergo an examination approved by E.O.P.Y.Y. you must present:

  • a valid health insurance booklet of your insurance body.
  • the electronic referral notice, signed and stamped by your doctor.

Ministry of Defence

To undergo an examination approved by the Ministry of Defence you must present:

  • a valid health insurance booklet of your insurance body, on which the specific examination should be written and should be approved by the auditor physician.
  • For the directly insured :
    • βεβαίωση του 96 ΤΥΕΘ ότι δεν διαθέτει Μαγνητικό Τομογράφο,
    • a certificate of the General Hospital of Chios that has no MRI examination capacity.


To undergo an examination covered by a private health insurance, you must present:

  • A physician's referral of the type of examination and its necessity.
  • the valid card of your private health insurance.

Because most private insurance companies require pre-approval of the examinations, contact your insurance agent prior to the examination.

[notice]Upon your arrival at the Diagnostic Center always signify your insurance company.[/notice]