All examinations, except for emergencies, are scheduled by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, You can contact us by the following ways: to visit the center can call 22710 81981 during the hours of the center to fill out the form below When you contact us to make an appointment, please have …

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Insurance Bodies

Chios MRI Diagnostic Imaging Center is an official health provider of E.O.P.Y.Y., the Department of Defence and other insurance bodies as well as almost all private insurance companies. It is clarified that for each insurance body the conditions set by the body are followed, in terms of the types and cost of approved examinations, the number of tests that each insured person …

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Patient Preparation

Select the examination for which you want to see the preparation instructions for the patients: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Computed Tomography Ultrasound Digital Mammography Bone Mineral Density Interventional Radiology – Directed biopsies with spiral CT Interventional Radiology – Ultrasound-Guided Biopsies

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